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Greek Vocabulary in English

You will face the wrath of many linguists if you suggest that English is a hybrid language. But at least in terms of vocabulary, it’s true. Over 60 percent of the vocabulary of English consists of words with Latin or Greek roots, and if we focus specifically on the sciences, the number hits the roof. The majority of these words have roots in Latin, but a large number have roots in Greek as well.

Some estimate that around 6% of English vocabulary derives from Greek, but the estimates reach 12-15% (and sometimes even higher), depending Continue reading

Hebrew alphabet

Is Hebrew a Useful Language to Learn?

The hugely popular language-learning app Duolingo recently launched the beta version of its Hebrew language course, giving millions of people an accessible way to learn the basics of the language. But is Hebrew a useful language to learn?

(Of course there are reasons to learn a language aside from how useful it is, such as a deep interest in a particular country or culture. But some people also need to have a logical reason to devote a lot of time to learning a language.) Continue reading

What language should I learn?

“What Language Should I Learn?”

As the creator of the Langfocus Youtube channel and the owner of this site, I get a lot of messages from language enthusiasts around the world. Some people just want to say hello, some have requests, and others ask questions. One very common question that always surprised me a little is “What language should I learn?” Some of the people are trying to choose their first foreign language, and others are trying to choose their next foreign language. Some of them are dabbling in a few different languages and have trouble choosing one. Continue reading

Esperanto – A Useless Language?

Greetings, dear Langfocus readers and random arrivals from Google search! Long time no post! I have been so focused on the Langfocus Youtube channel and improving my video production skills that I have neglected to post here for the past several months. But it`s time I change that, and try to increase the activity on this blog and website.

What have I been up to? If you follow my Youtube Continue reading