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English is a language not a crime

Quebec`s Sign Law: French First or Else!

Your restaurant is called “El Taco”? I`m sorry, this is a serious violation of provincial law. You must reverse the E and the L so that your restaurant is called “LE Taco”. There, that`s much better!

As the province that`s home to most of Canada`s Francophone minority, Quebec sees it as its mission to protect the French Continue reading

Chinese Hanzi traditional and simple

The 10 Most Common Immigrant Languages in Canada

With Aboriginals making up only 4.3% of its population, Canada is very much an immigrant nation. And like most immigrant nations, it is a country that is constantly changing depending on immigration trends. When I was a kid in Richmond, BC I witnessed my town changing from a mostly white population into a majority Chinese population. Nowadays it`s even more diverse due to more recent waves of immigrants. Continue reading

Bilingual Stop Sign

“Are Canadians Bilingual?” The Strange Reality of Canadian Bilingualism.

As you may know, Canada has two official languages, English and French, which has had a big impact on Canada`s civic culture. For example:

• When you reach immigration at the airport, you will be greeted in both English and French by bilingual officers (and they will speak to you in whichever language you respond in)

Continue reading